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Treelands Drive Community Centre

Treelands Drive Community Centre development and Wooli Street Hall and Library
Summary of occurrences:
 This project is important to the people of Yamba as Yamba CAN is finding that
many people do not want the Treelands Drive Community Centre (TDCC)
demolished (a 22-year-old building – opened in 1999) and the Wooli Street Hall
and Yamba Library sold (this land is in a prime position close to the main CBC
area of Yamba).
 On 1 November 2022 Yamba CAN emailed Council, asking whether there has
been a Council resolution to demolish the TDCC and whether there was a
resolution to sell the Wooli Street Hall and Yamba Library. No response has
been provided to date.
 There has been inadequate community consultation. Yamba residents were
given only 4 days’ notice to the first, of three, information sessions and it was
only advertised on CVC Facebook Page – not everyone uses FB or has access
to FB.
 The first session on 26 October 22 was held at Yamba Farmers Market – not a
suitable venue – it could be interrupted by inclement weather and is not suitable for
anyone mobility impaired.
 The second session on 26 October was held at Treelands Drive Community Centre
which clashed with the very important Northern Regional Planning Panel Zoom
meeting being held on behalf of Yamba CAN, at the Yamba Golf Club, about the very
contentious Park Avenue Multi Dwelling development (some 50 residents attended).
 The third session was held on 28 October 2022 at the Yamba Library – the venue is
too small and could interrupt people wishing to use the Library services.
 Yamba CAN is running a survey on its FB page: Where do Yamba ratepayers
and residents believe the best place for community engagement should be
held – At the moment – 12% want it Outdoors; 85% want it in a Community Hall
and 3% can’t make it to a venue.
 Council’s FB page also provided a link where residents could register and then
choose their preferred design for the TDCC. Council provided two options –
Option A and Option B.
Option A: Brand-new purpose-built facility (demolishing the current TDCC)
incorporating all of Council’s Yamba based services. Funding strategy proposes the
sale of Wooli St. Hall and Library (see Option A under the “More info” tab).
Option B: Refurbished TDCC and extension to add the Library to the rear of the
building. Funding strategy does not require sale of the Wooli St. Hall (see Option B
under the “More info” tab).
 On 22 October 2022 Yamba CAN emailed Council asking for another
information session at the Wooli Street Hall and offering to book it for Council
at a suitable date and time. Yamba CAN Committee are at a loss as to why a
response has not been provided to date.
 On 31 October 2022 Council provided another information session, again at the
Yamba Markets on 9 November.

 On April 2022 Council advertised in the local newspaper that “Yamba is set to
be home to a modern, spacious cultural and education hub with the
redevelopment of the TDCC. It is anticipated the existing community centre will
close to the public on 30 June 2022 with a target delivery date of June 2023.”
Residents could lodge a submission until 24 April 2022. There was no mention
of the TDCC being demolished.
 About 3 weeks prior to the submission period closing the DA for the project
was lodged with Council and also lodged with the NSW Department of
Planning through the Planning Portal. The description on both the Councils DA
site and on the Planning Portal reads “Demolition of existing community centre,
construction of new Community Facility and car parking.”
 In November 2021 the contract (value $801,594.00) to provide a detailed design of
TDCC was awarded, it appears prior to the previous GM being provided Council
delegation to do so.
 Bushfire Recovery Funding was secured in July 2021 - $11,107,882.
 We are aware other residents have been emailing Council outlining the community
consultation is inadequate. This has not been a very transparent process. Some
people also want a different option.
 In December 2017 in Council Minutes, it was suggested to extend the TDCC towards
the road for a new library and extend the TDCC at the back for a number of meeting
rooms, a Meals on Wheels kitchen, an office and external store rooms (see 2017
Plan and Aerial under “More info” tab).
 In Council Minutes in May 2018 still suggested the TDCC be extended to the front
and back.
 In August 2018 Council provided information sessions to the public – providing a
concept design. Over the years the design changed a number of times. Please see
the 2018 Basic Concept Design under “More info” tab. The cost estimate at that
time was $10,700,000.
 In February 2008 Council Minutes read that a resolution was carried that a feasibility
study be undertaken to extend the TDCC. One part of the motion was LOST and that
was an option of the sale of the Wooli Street property be investigated in order to
finance the extensions of the TDCC.
 In April 2006 a Council resolution was carried to increase staff resources at TDCC –
a full time Co-ordinator and a part time Administration Officer.
 Yamba CAN is running a survey on its FB page: Where do Yamba ratepayers
and residents believe the best place for community engagement should be
held – At the moment – 12% want it Outdoors; 85% want it in a Community Hall
and 3% can’t make it to a venue.

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Basic Concept Design 2018


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