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Update of 8 Park Avenue Yamba Development – 136 multi dwelling housing (136
dwellings, an exhibition home, a clubhouse, swimming pool, gym and cinema)
On 26 October 2022, the five-person panel again met – Clarence Valley Council’s
representations, Mayor Ian Tiley and Deputy Mayor Greg Clancy; and state panel members
Paul Mitchell (Chair), Stephen Gow and Penny Holloway.
The controversial $34 million proposed development was approved following the third
Northern Regional Planning Panel meeting. The vote was split 3 to 2. Mayor Tiley and
Deputy Mayor Clancy voted against the development being approved.
Yamba CAN hosted a meeting for members and interested locals at the Yamba Golf Club.
More than 50 people attended. A projector and large screen provided the video conference
to all present. Fourteen people provided a presentation to the Panel including Greens MLC
member Cate Faehrmann. Cate had previously visited the Park Avenue development site.
Those providing a presentation to the Panel spoke about the flawed process and lack of full
consideration of information provided to the Panel. Some concerns voiced included:
 accepting the developer’s Flood Emergency Management Plan (FEMP) containing
 overlooking the Independent Peer Review of the FEMP provided by an impeccably
qualified and experienced person.
 the National Parks and Wildlife Service had not been contacted by Council to inform
that stormwater will be funnelled to the Clarence Estuary Nature Reserve.
 concern that there is no master plan for drainage, sewerage, water and other
infrastructure for Yamba.
 the principal focus was on the river flood and overlooked stormwater flooding.
 a Civil Engineer and flood hydrologist also presented that this proposed development
needs to be refused as it will only exacerbate stormwater flooding to adjoining
residents to the development site.
 the lack of community consultation notifying locals of the changes to the proposed
development application. The height of extra fill along the southern boundary, extra
drainage along and inside the southern boundary, that pumps will be located in the
drain at the back of the adjacent residents along the southern boundary and that
adjacent locals will be able to take refuge in the sites clubhouse during flood events.
 there is potential increased burden on local SES during stormwater and flood events.
 the development site is accessed via one road in and out. Evacuation of the site is
via Park Avenue and Shores Drive. Shores Drive is generally the first to close in
Yamba - initially by stormwater and then some days later by riverine floodwaters
when the flood crest reaches Yamba.
 the heavy rainfall events in Yamba in February March this year are anticipated to
become more frequent.
 there is no consideration about the impacts of stormwater flash flooding without
warning in the area of this proposed development and for the whole of Yamba.
 there is a tide gauge in Yamba, only at the mouth of the Clarence River. River levels
up river of this gauge can be very different with the imminent flood crest reaching
 the stormwater and riverine flooding impacts in Yamba could have been far more
catastrophic had it coincided with a high tide or ocean king tide.
One could ask, when do existing Yamba residents and ratepayers lives and livelihoods
matter. There is valid concern about lives being risked during these flood events.
Please see the attached Panels Determination and Statement of reasons under the “More
information” tab. Also uploaded are some newspaper articles

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Video Submission to the NRPP

Video Submission to the NRPP

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